A fully integrated antibody discovery system


Integrated Antibody Sequence and Structure

Management, Analysis and Prediction

Key Features

  • Antibody Sequence Management
    Pipeline reads data files in standard formats such as EMBL, PDB and FASTA
  • 3D structure integration
    Intelligent processing of 3D data from Protein Data Bank
  • Automated Antibody Numbering
    Standardised numbering of antibody sequences based on Kabat and other popular methods
  • Relational Database Storage
    PostgreSQL database storage of all imported data for flexible analysis
  • Canonical Class Annotation
    Prediction of canonical class based on published methods
  • Humanness assessment
    Estimate humanness of sequences under investigation
  • Unusual residue identification
    Identification of unusual residues
  • Humanization
    A heatmap view of unusual residues to help you humanize your sequence
  • DNA/protein Alignment
    Link DNA sequence to protein sequence with gene modeling tools
  • Germline View
    Investigate the genomic underpinnings of your sequence
  • User Input
    Use our flexible sequence input tools to calculate all main features on the fly

Commercial Use

Companies are welcome to use this public version of abYsis, but need to be aware that this is not a secure server. After trialing the system, companies wishing to install a local version of abYsis, which can also store and analyse proprietary sequence and 3D structure data, may purchase a licence from the copyright owners, UCL Business PLC. For further information please contact specialist distributor ebisu, or alternatively see the UCLB e-licensing website.

This public version of abYsis is made available largely through the generous support of commercial licensees

Academic Use

Academic users of the system with questions on its usage, please contact Dr. Andrew Martin at UCL.