SAAPdap/SAAPpred - Single Amino Acid Polymorphism data analysis pipeline and prediction

SAAPdap allows you to run the SAAP mutation analysis pipeline to examine the likely local structural effects of a mutation. Consequently it can only be used where a structure is known for the protein of interest.

You have the choice of entering a mutation for a UniProt sequence (in which case the server will find the appropriate PDB protein structures) or analyzing a mutation in a specified PDB file.

Note that if you specify a mutation in a UniProt sequence, the web server will only analyze a maximum of three structures that represent your sequence. In future we will allow users to register to analyze all structures.

To run SAAPpred, you must run SAAPdap first!

UniProt PDB

UniProt Accession e.g. P12883
Native Residue e.g. ser
Residue Number e.g. 242
Mutant Residue e.g. glu

Please note that the structural analysis of your mutation will be cached to speed up future access. These results may be shared with third parties.

The analysis (particularly of voids in large proteins) is slow and can take several minutes! Please be patient!

Progress on the analysis will appear here...

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