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Please note that the program is called ProFit -- not PROFIT, Profit or profit; this attempts to avoid confusion with the threading program known as PROFIT. ProFit was written first and released to the public around the same time.

ProFit is pronounced as it is written, i.e. `pro' (as in `protein') then `fit' (not `profit' as in `make lots of money'!

ProFit was initially written by Dr. Andrew C.R. Martin while self-employed and trading as SciTech Software. Enhancements have been made since at UCL and at the University of Reading. Addition of iteration and multiple fitting was sponsored by Inpharmatica, Ltd. Enhancements in V2.6 and V3.0 were written by Dr. Craig Porter and made possible by a Tools and Resources grant from the BBSRC.

This program is not in the public domain.

It may not be copied or made available to third parties, but may be freely used by non-profit-making organisations and commercial companies who have obtained it directly from the author or by FTP or HTTP from the author's web sites.

If you did not register the program via the web site, you are requested to send EMail to the author to say that you are using this code so that you may be informed of future updates.

The code may not be made available on other FTP or Web sites without express permission from the author.

The code may be modified as required, but any modifications must be documented so that the person responsible can be identified. If someone else breaks this code, the author doesn't want to be blamed for code that does not work! You may not distribute any modifications, but are encouraged to send them to the author so that they may be incorporated into future versions of the code.

While the compiled ProFit program may be used by commercial companies, it may not be sold commercially or included as part of a commercial product. The source code or any derivative works may not be sold commercially or used for commercial purposes outside of ProFit without prior permission from the author.

While this software is provided ``as is'' and free of charge, I do appreciate hearing from people who use it and find it useful. An EMail or a postcard would be nice.

If you find ProFit useful, please tell your colleagues about it. Please do not pass copies of ProFit on to them directly; ask them to obtain it via my World Wide Web page (

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Andrew Martin 2010-09-28