PDB/UniProt Mapping

PDB CodeChainACIDFirst PDB residueLast PDB residueAlignment
4ggqAQ12306SMT3_YEAST-85 0
4ggqAQ3JK38Q3JK38_BURP12 113
4ggqBQ12306SMT3_YEAST-85 0
4ggqBQ3JK38Q3JK38_BURP12 113
4ggqCQ12306SMT3_YEAST-85 0
4ggqCQ3JK38Q3JK38_BURP12 113
4ggqDQ12306SMT3_YEAST-85 0
4ggqDQ3JK38Q3JK38_BURP12 113

8 entries were returned.

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