We provide a large number of tools for antibody informatics:

Integrated database and analysis workbench
Antibody modelling software
Antibody sequence and structure data.
This includes:
  • AbDb - pre-numbered structures from the PDB
  • SACS - Summary of Antibody Crystal Structures
  • EMBLIg - antibody sequences from EMBL-ENA
  • Kabat - FASTA formatted sequences from Kabat (2000)
  • AbPDBSeq - FASTA formatted antibody sequences from the PDB
Humanness (G)
Assess humanness against expressed sequences in Kabat divided into germline families
Predict VH/VL packing angle
A downloadable software package for drawing antibody cartoons

The following are included within abYsis, but also available as standalone tools:

Query the Kabat sequence data
Test a sequence against the Kabat data for unusual residues
Chothia canonicals
Identify canonical classes for CDRs from your sequence
Human subgroups
Assign the human subgroup for your sequence
Humanness (H)
Assess humanness against expressed sequences in Kabat
Apply standard numbering to sequences or structures


Our pages of information on antibodies:

Information and links to accompany my book chapter Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis of Antibody Variable Domains. In: Antibody Engineering Lab Manual (Ed.: Duebel, S. and Kontermann, R., Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg). [Information] [Purchase]

The famous Kabat book is now available online as a scanned copy via Google Books: Elvin A. Kabat, Tai Te Wu, Carl Foeller, Harold M. Perry, Kay S. Gottesman (1991) Sequences of Proteins of Immunological Interest


The abYsis database integrates sequence data from Kabat, IMGT and the wwPDB with structural data from the wwPDB and allows you to analyse your own sequences in the same manner.


abYmod is a new antibody modelling program that makes extensive use of our extended definitions of canonical classes and combines this with prediction of VH/VL packing and an extended loop database for modelling CDR-H3.


abYbank is a collection of sequence and structure data related to antibodies.


abYsis allows you to:

  • Perform numbering and CDR definitions for your own sequences and analyse features relevant to humanization.
  • Use data from the wwPDB to combine sequence searches with structural constraints. For example, one can ask for all the antibodies with a 10-residue Kabat CDR-L1 with a serine at H23 and an arginine within 10A of H36.

abYmod allows you to:

  • Perform completely automated modelling.
  • Intervene in the modelling process by correcting the numbering or selecting different templates.

abYbank provides:

  • Sequences from EMBL-ENA
  • Sequences from Kabat
  • Sequences from PDB
  • A summary of PDB structures
  • Numbered structures and non-redundant sets

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