Current members


Group photo

Left-to-right: Abhi, Craig, Lisa, Jake, Andrew, Sri

Post docs

Avneet Saini is a visiting post doc performing computational analyses of tubulin binding peptides

The Research Software Development Team at UCL are acting in lieu of a post doc on development of abYsis.


Craig Porter is working on a small grant from the BBSRC Sparking Impact Fund to enhance our Bioplib library and make it available for public use.

Annabel Cook is doing various analysis on the abYsis project.

PhD students

Nouf Alnumair is working on building a prediction server (SAAPpred) based on our SAAPdap analysis of the structural effects of mutations. She is also extending that to predict detailed phenotype information. (2009-2014)

Narayan Jayaram is a UCL IMPACT student working on looking at the effects of mutations at the DNA level (i.e. effects on splice sites and transcription factor binding sites) and integrating this into SAAPdb. (2011-2014)

Tom Northey is a BBSRC CASE student sponsored by UCB, working on antibody stability and prediction of B-cell epitopes - particularly those that may occur on antibodies. (2012-2016)

Francesco Carbone is a UCL IMPACT studend sponsored by the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics working on mutations in G6PD. (2012-2015)

Saba Ferdous is a UCL-ORS student working on the nature of antibody-antigen interactions with a view to developing peptide vaccines. (2013-2016)

MSc/MRes project students

Mehboob Patel (Mehbs) is working on automated classification of antigens.

Jeff Hurst is working on automated classification of antigens.