Humanness (GScore)

GScore - Germinality Index Calculator

This page allows you to calculate the geminality of a given amino acid sequence relative to the germ-line variables genes from the NCBI databases.

A link to your temporary results file will be returned. The process of calcuating the germinality index will take approximately one minute. After this time, a link to the plain text results will be returned.

Currently the format of the results can be presented as either comma-separated values (CSV) or as an HTML table.

If you get any error or warning messages, please check you have entered your sequence correctly. Strange sequence features may cause the similarity search stage to fail.
Also, long input sequences are truncated at 500 amino acids. .

Enter the amino acid sequence of your variable region:


HTML Table

Direct Script Access

If you would prefer direct script access, then submit queries to this address using POST or GET 'seqinput'.

Copyright (c) 2009, Oliver Huish and Andrew C.R. Martin, UCL