Terms and Conditions

In common with most academic web sites we have no formal terms and conditions.

We currently do not use cookies anywhere on this web site.

Please note the following:

  • This service is provided "as is" and with no guarantees including, but not limited to, any guarantee over the quality or completeness of results, or any guarantee of availability. That said, we make every effort to ensure that data are correct and complete (at least up to the dates indicated) and try to ensure that the server is available as much as possible.
  • We deliberately do not use HTTPS This is an open and free service and any data you submit is not encrypted. This means that it could be intercepted by 3rd parties.
  • We retain web logs of activity on the site These will often include data (such as sequences) submitted via web pages.
  • We log queries made to web pages In addition to web logs, some pages log queries into a database.

If you are unhappy with sharing your data, then you can license abYsis and abYmod to use in-house. Our partners at Chemogenomix can also host these on the cloud for you using HTTPS security and restricted access from your site.

Development of abYsis is almost completely paid for by the generous support given by company licence fees. We are aware that some companies are using abYsis very extensively (in some cases to provide services to other parties) and we feel that such use, while not currently prohibited, is somewhat unfair. We encourage all heavy commercial users to licence the system!