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Bioinformatics Software
ProFit Protein least-squares fitting
QTree Space filling pictures using the quad-tree algorithm
MINT A graphical interface to Andrej Sali's Modeller program
NW A pairwise Needleman and Wunsch sequence alignment program
Torsions Calculates backbone torsion angles from a PDB file
AVP Calculates protein void volumes and packing quality
APAT 'Automated Protein Annotation Tool'
SAPTF 'Sequence Analysis Plugin Tool Framework'
Prodoric A command-line wrapper to the PRODORIC web site
BiopTools A set of command-line tools for handling (primarily) protein strcuture - NEW!
JSAV JavaScript sequence alignment viewer - NEW!
buttons.js Handle buttons on a navigation bar (just click to download)
lastmodified.js Print 'last modified' text (just click to download)
QLite A batch queueing system for farms of machines
Cluster A program to perform hierarchical cluster analysis on a set of arbitrary vectors
CDoc A program to generate HTML documentation from C source files
Odds and ends
Mirror A patch for the popular 'mirror' program
Wdiff A patch for the GNU 'wdiff' program to fix a bug under Linux
Programming libraries
BiopLib A library of C routines for general programming and handling protein structure


25.02.14 APOLOGIES! We are still finding problems resulting from our web server faiing over the Christmas break. The SACS database and ImPACT are now fully available again!

18 October 2014

Two new pieces of software to help programmers: JSAV, a JavaScript Sequence Alignment Viewer component for web sites; BiopLib, 25 years worth of C code development for handling (mostly) protein structure.

28 November 2014: BiopLib and BiopTools

BiopLib is a high quality C library for manipulating (primarily) protein structure while BiopTools is a set of command line tools that exploit BiopLib.