Here are two patches for the Mirror script available from http://sunsite.org.uk/packages/mirror/

Patch 1

The first patch is extracted from the RedHat Linux RPM (mirror-2.9-7.src.rpm and mirror-2.9-7.noarch.rpm). This fixes a bug in talking to WU-FTPD. RedHat applies a number of other patches, but these are all to do with where the mirror script files are installed and from whence it finds the Perl executable. If you want to take the RedHat route, simply install the RPM and then apply the second patch.

Patch 2

The second patch allows remote archives that are compressed to be stored uncompressed locally. The normal Mirror program allows only the reverse (i.e. an uncompressed remote archive to be stored compressed locally). This is useful for things like the Protein Databank which is now stored on all the mirror sites only as compressed files.

Your mirror package file should simply contain the options:


or, if you don't have gunzip or need only to handle .Z files


Download and Install

Patch 1

You do not need to apply this patch if you are using the RedHat RPM. If you are not using the RedHat RPM, proceed as follows:

If you need further help click here.

Don't forget, if you are using the original distribution rather than the RedHat RPM, you must set up your PERL5LIB environment variable to point to where the support files for mirror live!

Patch 2

After installing mirror - either from the RPM, or using the standard installation as described above, proceed as follows:

If you need further help, click here.

These patches are not sanctioned by Lee McLoughlin (author of mirror), but have been sent to him for inclusion in the next release. It comes with no warranty or guarantee!