SAPTF (Sequence Analysis Plugin Tools Framework) is designed as a very simple way to provide sequence analysis tools on the web. It saves all the effort of creating the actual pages and CGI scripts - all that is needed is the tool itself (which can return HTML or just plain text) and a simple XML configuration file. SAPTF will even deal with very slow long-running programs (like BLAST or ClustalW) which might make the user wonder whether anything is happening, or may need some sort of wait-page to stop the web server from timing out - SAPTF deals with this through AJAX.

We are currently using SAPTF as part of our Abysis antibody sequence and structure database to provide sequence analysis tools and for PAPS, our antibody VH/VL packing angle prediction server.


You can see a demonstration which runs a simple tool to calculate amino acid frequencies and shows the 'slow' and 'very slow' AJAX modes for dealing with slow long-running programs.

This page was created using this simple XML configuration file.


You can read the full SAPTF documentation as a PDF file.


SAPTF is freely available for use by not-for-profit organisations. It may not be used by commercial organisations without first obtaining explicit permission from the author. It may not be distributed without the author's permission, but must be obtained from this site. It is supplied as a gzipped tar file of source code in Perl.

NEW! SAPTF V1.7 (released 28.04.2010)

Fixed a problem in escaping non-word characters when using AJAX. V1.6 added functions that need not write to files and some cleanup of passed sequence data and of installation script.