Computational and Systems Biology:
In silico analysis of genes, proteins and their biological roles


The definitive timetable for BIOC0016 is available from this page. Please believe this one in preferance to any other you may find!!



Please check the lecture and practical room information carefully!

Friday morning Q&As Medical Sciences G46 H O Schild Pharmacology LT

Tuesday morning Q&As Christopher Ingold Building XLG1 Chemistry LT

Tuesday afternoon practicals all are online


The practicals are all completed online. No separate write-up is required (with the exception of the course essay mini-project). All practicals are accessed via the links in the practical timetable.


Reading List

Recommended books:

  • C.A. Orengo, J.M. Thornton and D.T. Jones (2002) Bioinformatics: Genes, Proteins and Computers, Bios
    [This is the main course text book]
  • A.M. Lesk (2005) Introduction to Bioinformatics, OUP
  • M.J. Zvelebil and J.O. Baum (2007) Understanding Bioinformatics, Garland

Staff teaching on BIOC0016

  • Christine Orengo (course organizer)
  • Andrew Martin (deputy course organizer)
  • Alan Lowe
  • Kevin Bryson
  • David Jones

Coursework Essay

The essay should be submitted via Moodle as a PDF file.

See the Essay notes and tips on Moodle for help.

See the Additional information for the M-Level coursework on Moodle for help.